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Seeking New Board Members

The Brashear Association, Inc. (Brashear) is recruiting new Board Members to support the organization. Under the leadership of Executive Director, Andrea M. Matthews, Brashear has moved the headquarters to the South Pittsburgh Hilltop, – the Brashear CARES Center. CARES is an acronym for Community Access to Resources, Education and Employment Services. Brashear is embarking on a capital campaign supporting Phase II new construction of a Market, Café and other community services in the same area. The Brashear Board has been an important part of the success of this project and is seeking up to three (3) individuals who are enthusiastic, passionate about the mission, and have a desire to continue to move this work forward.

Organization Mission, Vision, and Values

Brashear is a 105-year-old social services agency supporting and enriching individuals, families, and community organizations.

Mission: Based on the core belief that everyone deserves a fair shot, Brashear provides South Pittsburgh residents and community groups with access to quality programs and services that address social, educational, health, and economic challenges.

Vision: As a catalyst for change, we envision and support a South Pittsburgh where every individual, family, community group, and business thrive and reach their full potential.

Values: Engagement. Leadership. Integrity.

Engagement: Brashear involves individuals, families and partners in authentic dialogue and action, addressing the issues facing South Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

Leadership: Brashear advances its mission through the delivery of high-quality programs and services based on industry best practice, partnerships, and collaboration.

Integrity: Brashear board and staff operate with the highest level of integrity, transparency, and respect.

Board Service Overview

Board Members work closely with the Executive Director to govern the association assuring that the organization remains mission focused and meets its strategic goals and objectives. The Board, along with the Executive Director, develops the strategic plan for the agency.

Quarterly board meetings are currently held virtually, and plans are to move to a hybrid meeting in the coming months There are four (4) standing Committees; 1. Executive and Governance, 2. Programs and Facilities, 3. Development and Communications 4. Finance and Audit, completing work between Board Meetings.

Board Member Expectations

  • Regular attendance and participation for board meetings and other activities

  • Timely communication via email, including e-votes and other timely correspondence,

  • Committee participation; serving on at least 1 committee standing or ad hoc,

  • Financial commitment to the organization; personal and/or corporate

  • Serving as an ambassador for the organization

The Brashear Association is specifically seeking candidates who demonstrate commitment to understanding Brashear’s clients, community groups and neighborhoods, and the regional impact of social service provision in South Pittsburgh, personal qualities of integrity, leadership, and a passion for improving the lives of Brashear’s clients, community groups, and neighborhoods, and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse populations. Board members must have the willingness to make a financial commitment to the organization to ensure 100% board support. Successful candidates will possess experience in business, the nonprofit sector, community, government, or philanthropy.

Brashear is seeking board members with the following areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Development/Fundraising

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Marketing/Media Relations

  • Legal

  • City Planning

Response/Letter of Intent

Respondents should submit a letter of intent with a resume or CV and two references. The letter of intent should include the basis for your interest in serving on the Brashear Board as well as experience working on boards, committees, and work groups, volunteer work, membership, or work with a nonprofit organization or community-based organization. In addition to your interest to serve, please state how your unique skillset and/or service will benefit the organization. Please indicate whether you have a desire to serve at a committee level prior to serving on the Board.

Please submit a letter of intent via email to by August 31st, 2022. LOIs will be reviewed, interviews conducted, and the successful candidates will be notified by October1st. Anticipated start date for new board members is December 7, 2022. Clearances are required.

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