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"This project is close to my heart. I remember growing up in Beltzhoover, a Hilltop neighborhood, having safe places to make friends and memories that would forever shape my life."
                                              - Andrea M Matthews
                                                Executive Director

The Brashear CARES Community Center

Brashear’s new central location is in Knoxville, at 320 Brownsville Road. It is a three-story facility, that houses the social services and programs that The Brashear Association has operated for decades, as well as new programs to address unmet needs in the community. Through continued community engagement and strong partnerships with other Hilltop organizations, this new physical space and its programs and services are meeting the needs of the community. 


With a long history of providing essential services and programs to South Pittsburgh neighborhoods, Brashear’s strategic move to the Hilltop is increasing access to new clients and making it easier for the majority of existing clients who live in the Hilltop to obtain services.  


Brashear is committed to elevating the voices of residents and community stakeholders by giving them the power of participation and inviting them to engage in the future of their neighborhoods. With the help of a Neighborhood Allies Catalytic Grant, which is meant to support ideas that make Pittsburgh area neighborhoods healthier, safer and stronger, Brashear developed the Brashear CARES Program Steering Committee in 2020.

Brashear engaged the Program Steering Committee throughout the planning process for the new space to ensure that the voices of community stakeholders are heard in the planning, design, and implementation of new programs in the Hilltop. To read more about the work of the Program Steering Committee, scroll through the Hilltop Community Report to the left. 

From the early morning, The Brashear CARES Center is bustling with activity. 

LifeSPAN is one of our core partners, providing home-delivered meals and senior programs on the main level of the building. On the lower level, Brashear Family Services Case Management and Employment Center helps those who are looking to increase their employment potential. In the afternoon, Hilltop families can enjoy “The Family Table,” a program designed to engage the entire family with shared meals and nutrition education, while homework helpers from Duquesne University provide a home-away-from-home afterschool setting. This academic enrichment program serves children from Kindergarten through 12th Grade ensuring they have the support they need to succeed academically. If you have children who want to participate, please contact Carolyn Hunter, 412-431-2236 or via email, for more information.  

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