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Community Planning
and Other Resources

The Brashear Association has consistently demonstrated an ability to respond to the changing and diverse needs of South Pittsburgh's multicultural, multigenerational community.

Brashear's strength is attributed to its small, adaptable, professional staff's ability to identify and work seamlessly as a respected, trustworthy partner and convener in the community. In this way, the organization effectively maximizes its resources, expands its scope of services, and fills service gaps.


Brashear's solid reputation of providing service excellence for more than 100 years has made it a sought-after partner among others who are working toward solutions to community challenges. Brashear regularly shares its experience and expertise, along with its centrally located facilities, in support of a number of community initiatives. Staying in touch with the pulse of the communities it serves through meaningful dialogue with a host of active South Pittsburgh groups helps Brashear maintain its timely response to community needs.

Community Groups

Brashear CARES Community Advisory Group

Brashear engages 17 Hilltop community members through regular meetings and other communications, to gather feedback and ideas for programming and services at The Brashear CARES Center. 

South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace

South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace is an association of service providers, churches and community organizations that engages in the development of programmatic interventions to stem gun violence in South Pittsburgh communities.

South Side Planning Forum

The South Side Planning Forum brings together representatives from the primary community-based organizations on the South Side to address community development issues and concerns. The group, which is governed by consensus, meets monthly. The Forum is responsible for the development, implementation and revision of the South Side Neighborhood Plan.


We work closely with LifeSpan at The Brashear CARES Center to offer morning programming for senior citizens in the Hilltop. 

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