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We Want to Hear From You


The Brashear Association and artist Lindsey Peck Scherloum are creating an artwork that addresses food access in South Pittsburgh and will live in our community for 1-2 years. Your anonymous thoughts and stories will help us design the project to make it meaningful and shine a light on this issue in our neighborhoods.

Please follow this link to a Google Form where you will be able to answer questions about your experience with food access. We don’t know yet what the final artwork will be — it could be anything from a mural to a dinner series — and we need your responses and feedback to help us decide. You are welcome to provide your contact information to be entered to win a $50 gift card to a Hilltop business. You can also choose to remain completely anonymous. When sharing responses, we will never attach your name to your answers. 


If you're interested in getting more involved with creating this artwork, or you're looking for more information, please call Margie at 412-390-3588. Thank you for participating! 

More About Public Art and Communities 


The Office of Public Art and Neighborhood Allies, in collaboration with the Borough of Millvale, launched the Public Art and Communities (PAC) program in 2021. Four artists have been matched with four organizational partners throughout the city to create individual artworks that respond to public health issues identified by the partnering organization. Each team will work together in their community to produce a public art project that reflects the community’s feedback. You can learn more about the program on the Office of Public Art website


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