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Leadership Empowerment and

The Parent Leadership Empowerment and Advocacy Program is an 8-week training program designed to help parents of children in the Hilltop area develop the skills needed to effectively advocate for themselves, their children, and their community.  With the knowledge and skills attained through this program, Family Leaders will gain the tools to successfully advocate for themselves and others. In addition, they may be called upon to serve on workgroups, think tanks, and steering/advisory committees and help stop the violence in our neighborhoods and our city. 

To nominate yourself or another person to participate in this training complete a nomination form.  Class size is limited. 

The next training begins Thursday, March 9th. 

For more information, please call 412-431-2236 ext 222 or email

This program is supported by the City of Pittsburgh's Stop the Violence Program through the POISE Foundation. 


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